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Cloud9 consulting appoints new partner to increase client engagement as strong growth continues

August 7, 2017

Melbourne, AUCloud9 Consulting, one of Australia’s fastest growing Cloud and Digital consulting companies, has appointed another new Partner to expand relationships with key clients and channels.

Nigel Karunatileke joins Cloud9 from Telstra where he has spent 10 years driving the transformation of their traditional enterprise value proposition to a more relevant and strategic context. In doing so he has established a strong track record in delivering measurable benefits to his clients through the smart deployment of contemporary innovation and thought leadership approaches.

In addition to leading Cloud9’s direct client engagement strategies across Telecommunications, Construction, Utilities and Industrial markets, Nigel will also play a key role in developing scale through Cloud9’s channel partnerships in order to deliver a broader value proposition to major clients.

Executive Director Matt Olaes framed Nigel’s introduction as a key element of Cloud9’s continued growth by stating:

“Cloud9’s core strategy is to be the most valued driver of complete business-to-technology outcomes within a defined portfolio of enterprise clients and government departments. For those key organisations we invest heavily in building a deep and extensive understanding of how they work and what’s important to them, and we bring the best of what’s available in the market to ensure they turn their objectives into measurable deliverables and benefits. Nigel has proven himself over many years in this engagement model and we are confident that the leverage available within the Cloud9 ecosystem will enable even more significant client outcomes over the next few years.”


About Cloud9

Cloud9 Consulting was founded in 2015 and is part of the Cloud9 Group of Companies, which also includes Cloudbreak Labs, Garfish Digital and PPGI. The group has grown rapidly since its inception and now has operating locations in Sydney and Melbourne, and caters to enterprise clients and government departments seeking differentiation, growth and transformation. Cloud9 Consulting now employs more than 60 staff across six key practices, and already has committed forward workflow to double again in 2017. Click or find us on LinkedIn.

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