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Advisory –Software Development Lifecyle (SDLC) Review

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Review

The State Government Office of Victoria is an independent service agency that administers Victoria’s taxation legislation, and collects vital revenue which funds schools, hospitals, police, roads and other government services.

In 2015-16, they collected more than $15.7 billion in revenue generated from payroll tax, land tax, land transfer duty, and a range of other taxes and levies.

Cloud9 was engaged to review the Software DevelopmentLifecycle (SDLC) across all IT Infrastructureand Applications:

  • Build the SDLC’s As-Is state
  • Identify People, Process and technology opportunities
  • Provide recommendations to implement agility concepts across the SDLC


  • Compressed engagement schedule
  • Large number of stakeholders across geographically dispersed offices
  • Less than ideal business-technology engagement framework


  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Engage with senior management via face to face interviews to identify key burning platforms
  • Engage with technical services team members via an online survey
  • Engage with focus groups per technical services team to identify opportunities and enhancements
  • Consolidate all gathered data against a maturity model
  • Build a roadmap focusing on people/process/technology


  • Executive questionnaires
  • Online surevey
  • Focus groups workshops and summaries
  • Executive pack including maturity models, Top five opportunities across people/process/technology, list of initiatives and roadmap for initiatives delivery
  • Executive Roadshow to discuss the roadmap