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Post M&A Integration, Enterprise Architecture & Cloud Implementation


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Post M&A Integration, Enterprise Architecture & Cloud Implementation

Retirement Living Services Ltd acquired Home Care NSW from the Department of Family & Community Services (FACS – NSW Govt) in September 2015. The acquired business employs over 4,600 staff across 100 sites around metro & regional NSW.
The new owners wanted to create opportunities for efficiency, streamlining business processes and increasing revenue, by integrating the adopting a consolidated shared services model. Cloud9 was asked to provide the necessary services required to assist Australian Unity with this underlying business strategy.


  • Time critical, highly visible project, significant enterprise-wide focus, business and technology engagement at this phase is critical and needed to lead planning and design and to bring a level of common-ground to the project
  • Cloud9 undertook to discover areas of discrepancies by assessing & documentingrequirements across each business. This consolidated view did not exist prior to this assignment.
  • Business requirementsfor both parties changed several times during the early stages of this project as information wasassessed with key stakeholders.
  • The assessment process used several different input channels for which Aus Unity & Home Care NSW only had partial documentation available e.g. legacy vendor agreements, current architecture& network diagrams
  • Like most organisations’ the functional business silo’s had alsodriven operational behaviours in a way that hindered a cross company view and hence collaboration of IP and expertise.


Cloud9 provided the following services:

  • Assessment of the merits and challenges with new ERP platform options; Advisory to Aus Unityon best fit; Implementation of chosen platforms
  • Lead RFP process & advisory on vendor selection; Vendor Mgmt;Oversee vendor implementation; Project Mgmt including Expenditure mgmt
  • Analysis & documentation of current-state architecture
  • Analysis & documentation of current constraints of existing data centres; Advisory on new environment facilities
  • Provided comprehensive recommendations for sustainable improvement e.g. Architecture & Comms
  • NB: This program continues at the time of writing.