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Delivering “World Class Digital Experiences” which drive a Strong Transition to Direct Customer Engagement

Airlines worldwide are losing direct engagement with customers as a growing number of digital intermediaries and aggregators emerge in ticket sales channels. Direct engagement with customers early in their journey consideration and right through their travel experience is vital to maintain their full service quality brand promise.

Cloud9 was engaged to assist transforming its Digital Capability and to build its World Class Digital asset portfolio.

Cloud9 led the Transformation Program which:

  • Performed a major organisational re-design, re-structure and re-alignment, building a 300-person Digital Direct organisation which delivers primary Digital assets including .com and mobile app platforms
  • Defined a target working culture, leadership ethos and behavioural canvas to support this new operation
  • Designed and implemented a customised scaled-Agile approach which became the default “Way of Working” for Digital and Development business units
  • Implemented the foundation portfolio management, prioritisation, measurement and management control mechanisms to support a new governance regime designed to reflect these new ways of working
  • Engaged and coordinated the various suppliers and business units required to deliver at scale and on time.


In the nine months since Transformation began;

  • Revenue generation via the two primary Digital channels has exceeded $3.2 Billion per annum, now more than a third of its entire flight-product revenue
  • The mobile App now services more that 1 million individual active users every month accessing newly released functionality and value for passengers
  • Cycle time to design, pilot and deliver new features and products to customers has decreased by 10%
  • Aligned a number of business units along a unified Ways of Working delivering much stronger and faster engagements across different operating businesses.